Use commands and streamline your work with your best assistant, Geekbot!

Reporting commands

  • You don’t always have to wait for the time of the meeting to report your status, you can report on demand by typing the command report directly to Geekbot.
  • If you’re not ready to report your status or perhaps you just want to skip your stand up entirely, you can type cancel and Geekbot will cancel your current stand up.
  • When a question comes up and you don’t have anything to report, just type the command nothing, none or -. Helps to reduce noise while reading reports.

    Time off commands

  • When it’s your day off or you’re on vacation and want Geekbot to exclude you from the rest of the team reports for a specified amount of days, type the command pause for (x) days. Anytime you want to start reporting again, just type resume and you’re back in business.

Insight commands

  • To receive a weekly engagement status of your team’s reporting progress, type engagement and Geekbot will send you a list.
  • To view your team’s daily engagement status on demand, just type engagement today. To access your dashboard, type the command dashboard and Geekbot will give you a link.
List of commands

Helpful tip! In the dashboard you can get an overview of your team’s reports. You can also edit, create, filter your stand-ups and export your data.