Access your dashboard for insights on your team’s engagement & progress and find out who has blocking issues. The dashboard is also where you create new stand-ups, customize existing ones, set email summaries and export your data. Login and explore!

Creating new standups

Having multiple stand-ups helps you organize your team’s departments or different projects more efficiently, so don’t hesitate to create more than one.

Creating new standups

To create a new stand-up, press the 'Add new Standup' button on the dashboard home screen and follow the setup wizard.

Creating new standups

Easy Setup

  • Name your stand-up using something short and relevant to the subject of the meeting
  • Choose a broadcast channel within Slack for Geekbot to post your team’s reports
  • Choose to either use the prefilled set of questions or add your own customized questions
  • Invite team members either manually, adding them one by one, or automatically using the Sync with channel option
  • Set the timezone, the time of the meeting and the days you want your stand-up to take place

Helpful tip! If you’re a distributed team, use the User's local timezone option but make sure the timezone you’ve set in Slack is correct!

Viewing and filtering reports timeline

Get the most out of your dashboard by monitoring your team’s reports in the timeline. Next to the timeline on the right, you will find the timeline filters. You can filter and view specific team members and combine specific questions.

For example, in order to view Kate and Susan’s blocking issues at a glance, choose them in the members section and chose What obstacles are impeding your progress? in the questions section. Mix and match according to your preferences.

Piece of cake ;)

Creating new standups

Exporting data & API

You can export your team’s stand up data in many ways. The easiest option is to download them in CSV and add them to a spreadsheet. You will find this option under your filters on the right of your timeline in the dashboard.

Exporting data

If you would like to get real time feed from your reports you can set up webhooks. Find detailed information about webhooks here.

Another option is to use our API and customise Geekbot any way you see fit.

Email summaries

Set the time and day for each of the standups you would like a summary for. The emails will contain a summary of reports made since the last email you received. Email summaries are set individually with each user’s preferences.

Email summaries

You can find your email summaries settings under Preferences in the dashboard.