Getting started

Before you get started with Geekbot, it’s important to read this step-by-step guide to set your team up for success. In this guide you’ll find tips and tricks to customize your bot and get the most out of it.

Choosing members

First thing you need to do is search for your team members, select them from the dropdown menu and add them to the stand up. The members you select will be included to your stand up meetings. Other Slack members in your account will not be asked to join, but they can still see the stand up reports in the broadcast channel.

Choosing standup members

Setting stand-up questions

Geekbot has a number of pre-filled, standard questions for you to begin with. These are based on some of the most commonly used questions in agile methodology.

They can also be edited and adapted to your team’s specific needs by simply editing the existing questions or adding new custom questions.

Setting standup questions

Setting time and timezones

To set time and time zones, you can choose your team’s time-zone (if you’re all in the same area!). If your team is distributed, use the function User's Local Timezone and Geekbot will sync with each user’s individual time zone. If you’ve selected a custom time zone, ensure it’ matches the one you’ve set up in Slack.

Now, set the time and the days you would like the stand up to take place so Geekbot knows when to ask questions to your team. If you want a weekly standup meeting instead of daily, choose only one day in the settings.

Setting time and timezone

Helpful tip! A very useful setting for distributed teams, is the delay option (Ask after a member is online for (x) minutes). If you set the delay to 10', Geekbot will check if it has been at least 10' since you came online and then trigger the standup.

Setting broadcast channel

Geekbot posts all of your team’s responses to a channel of your choice in the form of updates. Just enter the name of that channel in the broadcast channel field and create it in Slack if it does not already exist. If the channel is private, make sure to invite Geekbot to the channel.

Setting broadcast channel

Helpful tip! Always use a dedicated broadcast channel like #status or #standup. This way you can keep progress updates separated from general chit chat 😁